GE Hydro (EA) Consulting is an engineering and development consultancy company with a worldwide network. Our highly experienced professionals specialize in techno-economic and management consultancy services.

We offer expertise in two key areas:

  • Natural Resources and Renewable Energy
  • Water and Environment




Finding solutions and making things work better has and will always be a part of GE Hydro's everyday life. Our history as a company dates back to 2010, when the company's founding members decided to come together taking advantage of long history and rich experience accrued over 20 years in energy projects' development and implementation as well as operation of power plants within Eastern Africa region.

Today like the past, the challenges are the same as they were when we started the company – to balance economic growth and technology with innovation and sustainable development. Our wide range of consulting services ensures exactly that.


GE Hydro Consulting can quickly mobilize the resources thru our worldwide network's leading consulting companies to execute and meet our clients' needs and demand.


We believe in acting ethically and responsibly in all our undertakings and strive for our own business and conduct to be as much sustainable as possible. We work closely with local communities and always aim for positive and constructive dialogue with stakeholders and the authorities.